Waste Management And Your Instruments

Broken Drum Set

Perhaps this is something that has never crossed your mind, or maybe it has, but you couldn’t think of a suitable solution. Well today is the day, now more than ever is important that we consider how we dispose of belongings that we no longer care for or need. Musical instruments are often something that we grow out of, upgrade or perhaps just no longer play.

The most obvious environmentally friendly solution may be to recycle your instrument. As an individual however this may be a very time consuming process, working out each separate material, taking it apart and then sending it for recycle. Luckily there are companies such as Averda a Waste Management Company in South Africa that are trying to promote recycling and offer to do the hard part for you.

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To Stop Waste – Here are 5 Uses For Your Old Unused Instruments

Charity Shops

If you no longer need it, then handing you instrument to a charity shop is a great way to give back. Making an instrument available and affordable for someone else.

Charity Shop



Gumtree is an online company that allows you to sell or give away your second hand or preloved items, all you need to do is upload a quick description, image and price of your instrument and whoever would like it will contact you for pick up. This is a great way to recycle your instrument and know it’s going to a new home instead of sitting in the cupboard or heading for the dump.

An Acoustic Guitar

A Guitar


Let’s use your first violin as an example, maybe you have completely outgrown it, or maybe the strings have broken and you have no intention of repairing them. It is however a lovely memory, and trophy of your musical accomplishment. One suggestion could be set it up on the wall or simply prop it up on the shelf to show off your skill set.

Tattered Violin

An Old Violin


Yet another great use – It is now very popular to take old instruments and decorate or engrave them, a simple etching or carving into your own instrument can create an individual and personal piece of art work. As a musician, you have that creative flair, so get thinking and produce an artistic masterpiece.

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Give It To Someone

You will be surprised how quickly it will get snapped up! Ask around and see if a friend, or a friend of friend would like to learn the instrument or perhaps add to their instrumental collection. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Girl Using Piano

A Young Girl Playing Piano

So there you have it, a number of options for you to try. If however you are struggling to find a new home for your instrument, or just do not have the time to advertise its availability, then you can seek the help of companies like Averda for Waste Management solutions.

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