Top 10 Reasons To Hit A Silent Disco

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As a lover of music, can you think of anything better than heading to a party where everyone is lost in an instrumental world of pure pleasure. Here at Smith Western Music we believe that there is nothing quite like, a silent disco party! But, in case you are a silent disco virgin, and we have not yet got you convinced, we have put together 10 fabulous reasons to head out and experience or organise your own silent disco.

Silent Disco DJ

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Less Noise Pollution

Lets say you are organising an amazing party for a friend, there’s nothing worse than getting that call from the cops or bang on the door way to early and having to shut it down. The magnificence of a silent disco is, nobody will know!

Your Own Music

The Headphones usually have a few channel to choose from, this means you can switch through songs and experience a huge range of music.

Get Social

There is something about having your headphones on, like a small protective barrier that allows you to shake away any inhibitions and lose yourself dancing with new and old friends.

Wireless Grooving

Forget that gentle side to side sway? There are no wires keeping you in one position. This means the floor is yours, so get out there and shake it!


So your all dancing, but often to different songs, it is hilarious to see around you, a room of people all moving to different tunes. Try catching someone miming along to the same song, its side splitting.

Hands Up At Disco

A Silent Disco


Music too low – and you like it loud? Just crank it up!


If it’s your own event, you can create the playlist, hire a DJ or let everyone use their own device.

Mixed Music

You are not held to a specific genre, have a selection of rock, R&B, disco, house etc. It’s a guaranteed people pleaser, if someone doesn’t like a genre they can jump channels

Keep It Going

Another beauty of no noise means that noise curfews are less likely to be effected. This means you can party till the morning – Just a side note: Prepare to be shouting your hangover breakfast order when you realise you’ve had the music on way to loud all night and can’t hear a thing for the next 24hrs.


Your first silent disco is not something you will forget. They have been around for years, and with even advanced technology and sound quality, silent discos are just getting better and better.

Spin Table

DJ Deck


So it’s time to pick out your best party outfit, practice your moves and whether your new to the scene or a fan through and through, its time head on out and enjoy every minute.


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