The Best Portable Speaker To Buy This 2018

Portable Black Speaker

There are two main things to always consider when buying a new speaker, great sound and affordability. If you’re searching the web for a spring time beach camping trip or a portable music centre for your house party, there’s definitely a great speaker to fit the bill.  

Here at Smith Westerns Music we have put together some suggestions of our top picks for the best portable speakers around, so have a good read and choose away.  

People together on the beach

Gathering on the beach


UE Boom 2 – Around £75

This follow-up model of the UE Boom ticks every possible Bluetooth speaker box. It has great volume, its easily portable and brilliantly waterproof making it perfect for any occasion, including at the beach, festivals or just a singalong in bathroom for your morning shower.

UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 Speaker


JBL Charge 3 – Around £110

This is a smart and sleek piece of kit, offering a persuasive set of features and again fabulous sound quality. Keeping in line with competition, this speaker is also waterproof and can really bang out the base, without any sound distortion.

JBL Speaker

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Style – Around £90

This one may come as a surprise, as many people will not recognize this band name. The Fugoo comes in a choice of brilliant material colours with a great 30+ feet of wireless range making it ideal for that indoor or outdoor lifestyle. Don’t let its smaller size deter you, as this speaker produces surprisingly good sound performance and over 35 hours of battery life! (Whilst on medium volume)

Our top points for picking out the best speaker for you would to be consider the activity you’re going to do with it, your price range and of course the main features you desire. Good luck and happy listening!


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