Music Is Good For Health

listening to music

“Music is good for the soul.” A very famous idiom. But, according to recent research it is also fabulous for your health.

Many studies have come to similar findings, that music therapy has an encouraging and good effect on a wide mix of both physical and psychological illnesses, such as dementia, stress related illness, depression and also cancer.

So what is music therapy and what does it involve?

Music therapy is offered by many hospitals and health organisations. The aim of music therapy is to promote people’s recovery from illness through musical experience. For example, free improvisation, playing instruments, singing, listening to music, conversing, and dancing or moving music.

A piano and chair in room

Music therapy room


Music therapy is suggested to be effective in improving the mental health of people in hospitals for longer periods of time. Studies showed that patients taking part in music therapy programs had improved self-esteem and mood. Studies also showed that sufferers of anxiety and depression who were receiving mental health therapy, once coupled with music therapy so a faster and more steady recovery.

Last year evidence was found that music therapy aided the elderly suffering from dementia. They found that when patients listened to music or had the chance to play an instrument, disruptive behaviour lessened, cases of anxiety and depression reduced and an improvement was seen in cognitive function as well as most importantly quality of life.

a group of older men playing music

an older man playing music

These types of music mediations have also been seen to cancer patients. Sufferers benefitted most by having reduced anxiety and stress heights. Helping them to deal better with pain, improved mood, outlook, heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.

In conclusion: There is numerous studies suggesting that music and music treatment can have fabulous benefits on patients. There has been little evidence to suggest any negative side effects associated with music listening, making it certainly an option worth trying to promote health.


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