Great Reasons To Allow Employees To Listen To Music At Work

Workplace With Headphones

It is an old fashioned and outdated idea that employees shouldn’t listen to music whilst working. It used to be suggested that it was distracting and unprofessional. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Here are some great reasons why employees should listen to music at work.


It Inspires Creativity

It is a well-known fact that music can inspire creativity within us. Especially when working in design or in a creative industry, music can be a brilliant way to take away that dreaded mind block, and provide us with some much needed inspiration.

An Idea Light Bulb

Light Bulb Idea


Mood Uplifting

Music makes us feel good. If you are working in a high stress job, or are having a bad day in the office, simply putting on an upbeat and happy track can help you to greatly improve your mood. Keeping your employees happy is the best way to ensure they do great work whilst developing personally at the same time.


Keep Smiling

Happy Smiles


Helps Focus

Music gets us in the zone. Some days it is hard to focus, perhaps due to outside noise, the buzz of the office or maybe the loud road works outside. Popping on our headphones and listening to some great tunes can help refocus us on the task in hand, and reduce outside disruptions.

Trying To Focus

A Man Focusing


Reduce Co-Work Distractions

Sometimes your employees can find it hard not to get involved with work time chin wagging. If each individual has their own music they are less likely to need to chat to amuse themselves, or disturb each other.

 Companies like Clearfocus who provide Mental Health Training in the workplace suggest that businesses offer their staff the opportunity to chose their preferred music to listen to whilst at work. Clearfocus’s training incorporates the importance of staff freedom and that one of the greatest ways to help stress levels is to allow staff to listen to music which uplifts their mood. Naturally, the less a staff member is thinking or stressing about things, the happier and more focused they will be whilst engaging in their work. 

Employees Talking

Employees Chatting

So perhaps it’s time to questions your boss on his reasons for not letting you listen to music, or if you are an employer then try changing up your ideas and give music in the work place a go.

You may be thinking of gaining a greater understanding of stress i the workplace and how to combat it. Many employers and business owners are starting to consider their staffs well being which is why so many have turned to Clearfocus to insure every staff member feels that much happier at work.


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